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Engagement Ring Jewellery - Want To Purchase ?

How do you choose an Engagement Ring ? If you are shopping with your future bride, the choice isn't typically too difficult as she's probably already dreamt up her perfect engagement and wedding ring already.

If, however, it is a surprise you want to buy the perfect ring. After all, you expect her to wear it for the rest of her life, right ? The ring has to be something that compliments her hand, gets her compliments and that she will adore looking at every day.

Engagement Ring prices can truly be all over the map. There are varying guidelines telling you how much to spend on the ring but this article isn't about cost as much as it is about choosing a ring that will make your future wife well up with tears at the beauty and the perfection. Her ring should match her personality.

If you've never talked about it with your sweetheart, it might be a good idea to ask her dearest friend about what kind of engagement ring might appeal to her. There's plenty to think about in terms of ring buying.

There are many diamond cuts and settings such as: round, oval, marquise, pear, emerald, princess cut and other diamond cuts plus there is also the question of the color of the band. Another consideration is the wedding band. Some people go for different rings and bands and others purchase a matching bridal ring set.

You might choose to buy the engagement ring now and let your fiancee shop with you for the wedding band or you could choose to buy it all at once. If you believe you know her taste really well, it can make the job easier.

Buying Considerations

Does she wear a lot of silver or gold jewelry? You want her rings to match what she already has and loves and if she always wears silver and you buy her a gold set, you could put most of her existing jewellery out of commission or purchase a ring she doesn't really love.

What kind of cut and setting would she like? Think about the type of accessories she wears. If she likes to wear big and bold jewellery, she'll probably want something that really makes a statement for an engagement ring. If she likes simple and dainty jewellery she might not relish a big giant rock of a stone so something a little more understated might be in order. Some women dream of a big white diamond and others want something unique like a blue diamond or different gem altogether.

Ring size. It can be difficult to determine a ring size without actually having her finger measured. If she wears rings and you have access to her jewellery box you might measure a ring in the box that you know she has worn on her ring finger. Otherwise you could ask someone she's close to in case they know her ring size. If you are in doubt about sizing, ask your jeweler if the ring can be sized later on.

Enjoy the ring shopping experience and be sure to buy the engagement ring from a reputable jeweler with a solid industry reputation.

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Jewelry and Fashion

Fashion and jewelry go hand in hand. No matter what age in history you research, you will get different styles of clothing and various styles of jewelry that were popular during that time. Whether the jewelry was to decorate the hair, the hands, the body, or the neck jewelry has played a major role in the fashion industry.

The perfect sense of style is not something that everyone is born with. It comes up naturally and is developed by paying attention to the current fashion trends where you can find something that suits your looks, personality and lifestyles.

Creating your own style is not a piece of cake. It‘s sheer hard work. Unless you have your make-up, clothes and hair-style all decided and in hand its not possible. But the award for realizing that you look and feel great is worth of all the efforts.

Not everyone is perfect. And no one can control what Nature has given to us. But everybody can make the best over them by learning to be beautiful and expressing the unique individuality that is within.

Since jewelry is considered to be very special thing and can give that necessary finishing touch to our looks and boost our good mood as well as self-esteem, let’s practice in wearing jewelry. If you are not always sure what to wear in a particular occasion, it’s never too late to learn. Because where jewelry is concerned, the basic criteria is your Age, Height and Build.

Diamonds Rings

Diamond Rings are the gift of a lifetime for some one you love. Rings are the piece of jewelry favored by many women both for its artistic value and symbolic meaning. Rings are commonly worn on a ring-finger. Never put on 2 or more rings on the same finger. Rings with a gem of more than 10k are usually worn on a fore-finger. Besides, the best option for young ladies with thin arms and fingers is something adequate- a small delicate 2k ring.

Necklaces and pendants

As far as necklaces and pendants are concerned; it depends on the type of dress you are wearing. The right to decide as per your taste is in your hands. So experiment - and decide what works best for you.

Lastly don’t wear jewelry that looks too excessive. Maintain a balance between your outfit and your jewelry.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fashion and Trends of Men's Jewelry

Latest Jewellery Style, Men's Jewelry

Halifax, The Daily News Says

It is those fashion connotations that today's men seem no longer to shy away from. Yet, for many men, jewelry is still agog with messages concerning masculinity and class. When I was young, a man who put too much effort into his appearance was referred to as a "Dickie Dazzler," a term that was at once a shot at pretension and a question mark about sexuality and class.

The celebrity factor certainly has had an impact on that way of thinking. David Beckham is a classic example. But in the post-metrosexual era, we see even those men who culture a certain bohemian negligence adorning themselves with accessories. Think Johnny Depp or Colin Farrell at their most laid back. Browsing the blog of the Sartorialist (, the increasing diversity of men's dress, demeanour, body-shape and accessories fast becomes apparent. As in women's fashion, the ideals are muddying and, thankfully, more choice is evolving.

So, while the extremes are there, the male bling trend is not an all-or-nothing proposition. As is the case for women's jewelry, there will be those who operate with a more-is-more philosophy when it comes to their jewels. And there are those who opt for one or two sentimental pieces. Whether you lean towards more or less, the options are certainly out there for every style of man.

Whereas Nationaljewelernetwork says Men's jewelry no longer left warming the bench --

Men's jewelry, long relegated to a distant showcase and a small part of the average jeweler's inventory, is finally getting not only respect but retail real estate.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Diamond’s shape tell about the wearer

Jewellery Style Jewelry
Round – Congratulations! Round is the most popular, faithful, traditional and religious. Most round wearers chose a round for its clean lines and symmetry. The idea that a circle has no beginning and no end adds to the romance of a round. Round wearers tend to be old fashioned, honest with values and beliefs they would fight for. The only down side to some that choose a round is their lack of spontaneity and leadership abilities. Round wearers tend to be more team players than team leaders. If a round wearer is married, her main goal in keeping a long loving relationship is to not be afraid of change.

Oval – Look, you would have gotten a round if everyone in your family including your aunt Gertrude didn’t have one. You have all the same values of a round but there is something inside you that cries out to be different and not go with the crowd. Oval wearers make great wives! On one side they are predictable, stable and dependable but every now and then they have a wild hair and let loose! If not the poor brilliancy of an oval I believe a lot more women would be in this camp.

Pear – Where round wearers tend to go with the crowd pear wearers want to create the crowd. Pear wearers pure and simple want to be different. If better comes along with the package so be it. Pear wearers tend to be more demanding and higher maintenance. Everything has to be just right or don’t do it at all is their battle call. Pear wearers are the third most likely to get a divorce. (Top two coming up.) Due to, in many cases forgetting that happiness isn’t always asking “What’s in it for me?” The happily married pear wearer never forgets that there is no I in TEAM and applies the same standards of excellence to herself as to her partner.

Emerald Cut – Here’s a tough nut to crack. Emerald Cut wearers are old fashioned like round wearers but being in the crowd, following the crowd is not the drum beat that they follow. In fact, the interesting thing about Emerald Cut wearers is their lack of rationale to do anything to impress others. Not that other people’s opinions don’t count, it’s just that they don’t see themselves through the eyes of others. Emerald Cut wearers are leaders. They are attracted to an Emerald Cut for its quiet elegance, its regal temperament and bold strokes. The Emerald Cut wearer doesn’t need pop to sell her diamond, that’s what she is there for.

Princess & Radiants – Princess and Radiant wearers are electric. They are fun, exciting, cutting edge and not afraid to take chances. They live life to the fullest. Since Princess and Radiant are the most sparkly shapes, wearers of these rocks don’t mind bringing attention to themselves. They love the spotlight. Whitney Houston for example is a proud wearer of a radiant. The only time Princess and Radiant wearers split up with their mates are if the guy can’t keep up.

Heart Shape – The heart shape A.K.A. “Black Widow” and “Three Strikes”, holds the title of the least sparkly, second highest divorce rate and the most cheated upon diamond in the group. Hence the alias “Three Strikes”. A lot of analysis has gone into why this diamond and its wearer have so much trouble, but I think it can best be explained on what type of woman and couple gravitate towards the heart; pure romantics. And when I say pure romantics, I’m not just saying soulmates, I’m talking maple syrup, knight in shining armor, Romeo and Juliet kind of romantic. Heart shape people tend to live in fantasyland. Their motto is love conquers all, love has no restrictions, love has no boundaries. Then they get married and quickly find out that even though love in its own little world is perfect, life isn’t. Life isn’t fair or just or even handed. Life equals change. The heart shape wearer tends to have a problem with this. If love is perfect, no need for change and certainly no need for reality. So when they come to the conclusion that their mate isn’t perfect (he never was, nobody is) and discover pure love doesn’t seem to pay the bills, they flee; into the arms of another, into another job, into another life constantly searching for the equation of pure love equals perfect life, which doesn’t exist.

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Factors To Consider In Silver Gemstone Pendants - A New Style Jewellery

Gemstone Sterling Silver Pendant Jewellery

If you are the type of person that likes variety then you will love what you can find in the silver gemstone pendants. There is such diversity in colors and styles that you could easily have a different look every day of the year without wearing the same piece again.

It can be challenging to find just the right pieces particularly for those who are really trying to stretch their dollars and get the most for their money. Of course one of the variables that will affect the price of the jewelry is the size and quality of the gemstone that is placed in the piece. This is one of the reasons it is important to know what characteristics to look for in certain gemstones.

Silver Gemstone Pendants Jewellery

One of the things that one needs to look for and be knowledgeable about is the natural color of a certain stone. In the jewelry business the gems are sometimes enhanced by dyeing them to change the color of the stone. If you are trying to get a particular color that is okay but you don't want to be unpleasantly surprised by dye running on your clothes from a supposedly naturally colored stone.

Sometimes you may pickup a pendant with a stone that appears just a bit too perfect and on top of that is less than ten bucks. If this is the case you should probably pass on it because it is most likely a fake stone since natural gems will have natural veins and color fluctuations that make them look different. This is another reason why it pays to know what a natural stone should look like.

The next thing that you want to do is check the setting and be sure that the stone is secure in the setting. In many cases it takes more than just wiggling the stone, you may want to shake it around a bit to see if you hear it rattling in the setting which of course tells you that it is loose. You don't want to be walking down the street and have your stone fall out and shatter all over the sidewalk.

The size, weight, and cut of the gemstone will also affect the price of the pendant as will the rarity of the particular gem you have chosen. Choosing a high quality gemstone pendant will give you many years of enjoyment and will guarantee that your investment hold its value for a long time.

It is relatively easy to find and buy a quality silver gemstone pendant with great confidence if you are educated on all of the factors you need to be aware of which you now know. Stay on top of the market and you are sure to be happy with your purchase.

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Purchase Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewellery

Diamond jewelry is unique from other kinds of jewelry because it is considered the most valuable. The diamonds for diamond jewelry are truly miracles of nature, in that they are formed through carbon that is under extreme amounts of pressure.

Another reason why diamond jewelry is so valued is because of its strength. It takes a lot of work to shape a diamond through man made means, thus it comes as no surprise that diamonds are very strong, which is something that people count on when they buy diamond jewelry.

Perhaps the most popular form of diamond jewelry is a diamond wedding ring. In general, the meaning behind a wedding ring is that is symbolizes the commitment that two people have made to each other. The love that exists between the married couple is precious, and that is symbolized by the diamond.

Another popular kind of diamond jewelry is a diamond tennis bracelet. A diamond tennis bracelet is a bracelet that features many (usually square-cut) diamonds. These bracelets are often given as a gift by men to their wives or girlfriends.

Diamond Jewelry

The unique thing about diamonds is that there is not just one kind or color. In fact, in addition to the regular diamonds that are white, there are pink diamonds and there are yellow diamonds. As expensive as regular-colored diamonds are, these other kinds of diamond are more expensive.

When buying this kind of jewelry, be sure that you can spot real diamonds from fake ones. A reputable jeweler will allow you to check the diamond both for authenticity and for quality. Put a newspaper under the diamond (this can only work if the diamond is by itself). If you can see right through the diamond, chances are that the diamond is real, if not, then it is a fake.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Men's White Gold Wedding Bands

White Gold Fancy Wedding Bands jewellery

White metals such as silver and palladium mixed with gold produces an alloy known as white gold. As with gold, white gold can be found in any carat measurement up to 21 carats. Basically, the amount of gold is the same but the alloy is different. White gold was originally developed as a substitute for platinum.

White Gold Interlocking for Men

Traditionally nickel was used in white gold. However, nickel is no longer used as the studies found that nickel can cause reactions with some people. Initially, white gold rings are electro-plated with another white metal called Rhodium, a metal very much similar to platinum, when they are new. This makes the white gold look whiter since the original color of white metal is slightly gray. This process is called rhodium plating. To keep a white gold ring looking new, it should be re-rhodium plated approximately each 12 to 18 months.

White gold is a common type of metal used for engagement rings. It costs much less than real gold but it is very pretty. If you choose this type of metal for an Engagement Ring make sure it doesn’t contain nickel and that it has a thick coating of rhodium on it. This will ensure the person you give it to doesn’t experience a bad reaction to it and that the shine lasts for years.

White gold men’s wedding bands are increasingly popular as they are often used to enhance diamonds and other gemstones. However, it is suggested to check with the retailer that the alloy is nickel-free.

Since the white metal is an alloy, it is very hard and durable. Hence it is preferred in the wedding bands by a number of men presently. However, there is an equal demand for cheaper alternatives to white gold than the palladium whites which are nickel-free. Many new alloys in the current market rely on manganese additions as the main whitener. Some of these are palladium-free while others are low palladium alloys. Chromium and iron can also be used as whiteners. However, they tend to be hard and so this makes it more difficult to process. However, most of these alloys are not a good white color and so require rhodium plating, and many suffer cracking problems and tarnishing.

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