Monday, December 24, 2007

Diamond’s shape tell about the wearer

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Round – Congratulations! Round is the most popular, faithful, traditional and religious. Most round wearers chose a round for its clean lines and symmetry. The idea that a circle has no beginning and no end adds to the romance of a round. Round wearers tend to be old fashioned, honest with values and beliefs they would fight for. The only down side to some that choose a round is their lack of spontaneity and leadership abilities. Round wearers tend to be more team players than team leaders. If a round wearer is married, her main goal in keeping a long loving relationship is to not be afraid of change.

Oval – Look, you would have gotten a round if everyone in your family including your aunt Gertrude didn’t have one. You have all the same values of a round but there is something inside you that cries out to be different and not go with the crowd. Oval wearers make great wives! On one side they are predictable, stable and dependable but every now and then they have a wild hair and let loose! If not the poor brilliancy of an oval I believe a lot more women would be in this camp.

Pear – Where round wearers tend to go with the crowd pear wearers want to create the crowd. Pear wearers pure and simple want to be different. If better comes along with the package so be it. Pear wearers tend to be more demanding and higher maintenance. Everything has to be just right or don’t do it at all is their battle call. Pear wearers are the third most likely to get a divorce. (Top two coming up.) Due to, in many cases forgetting that happiness isn’t always asking “What’s in it for me?” The happily married pear wearer never forgets that there is no I in TEAM and applies the same standards of excellence to herself as to her partner.

Emerald Cut – Here’s a tough nut to crack. Emerald Cut wearers are old fashioned like round wearers but being in the crowd, following the crowd is not the drum beat that they follow. In fact, the interesting thing about Emerald Cut wearers is their lack of rationale to do anything to impress others. Not that other people’s opinions don’t count, it’s just that they don’t see themselves through the eyes of others. Emerald Cut wearers are leaders. They are attracted to an Emerald Cut for its quiet elegance, its regal temperament and bold strokes. The Emerald Cut wearer doesn’t need pop to sell her diamond, that’s what she is there for.

Princess & Radiants – Princess and Radiant wearers are electric. They are fun, exciting, cutting edge and not afraid to take chances. They live life to the fullest. Since Princess and Radiant are the most sparkly shapes, wearers of these rocks don’t mind bringing attention to themselves. They love the spotlight. Whitney Houston for example is a proud wearer of a radiant. The only time Princess and Radiant wearers split up with their mates are if the guy can’t keep up.

Heart Shape – The heart shape A.K.A. “Black Widow” and “Three Strikes”, holds the title of the least sparkly, second highest divorce rate and the most cheated upon diamond in the group. Hence the alias “Three Strikes”. A lot of analysis has gone into why this diamond and its wearer have so much trouble, but I think it can best be explained on what type of woman and couple gravitate towards the heart; pure romantics. And when I say pure romantics, I’m not just saying soulmates, I’m talking maple syrup, knight in shining armor, Romeo and Juliet kind of romantic. Heart shape people tend to live in fantasyland. Their motto is love conquers all, love has no restrictions, love has no boundaries. Then they get married and quickly find out that even though love in its own little world is perfect, life isn’t. Life isn’t fair or just or even handed. Life equals change. The heart shape wearer tends to have a problem with this. If love is perfect, no need for change and certainly no need for reality. So when they come to the conclusion that their mate isn’t perfect (he never was, nobody is) and discover pure love doesn’t seem to pay the bills, they flee; into the arms of another, into another job, into another life constantly searching for the equation of pure love equals perfect life, which doesn’t exist.

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